Hakuna matata is the newest hotel that open around here. There are doem room and private room both have hot shower and air condition also swimming pool. Only 3 mins walk to Scubadoo.

Hakuna Matata 

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Bed and Ink 

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Bed and Ink in retro style in the heart of Maehaad Pier close to everything you are looking for also have professional tattooer next door with discount. There are only dorm room with really good vibes around. Hot shower and Air condition every room. Only 2 mins walk to Scubadoo 

AVA located in a really qiuet area but still for your privacy. There are dorm room and Private room with Breakfast. Also hot shower and Air condition in every room. Only 1 min walk to Scubadoo


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These are the hostel and hotel which is our partner. We make sure you always get better rate than any other agencies. Also for courses that include accommodation these are your choices.